Guilt merely keeps us stuck in error and feeds negativity. The ego loves the negative chatter. It is a bully and lies constantly worst thing for the immune system Stop~flip~switch and turn~now. Stop buying into such illusions. Focus on the truth and freedom will be the result. Stop negative thoughts before they slip out of the mouth. Our words have power to bless, or curse. Let us bless and we will never have to stress! The devil makes many disciples by preaching against sin. He convince…


BIBLICAL MYSTERIES HISTORY AND LEGEND Are these echoes of events that once shaped our minds Few other tales of narrative prehistory have captured the imagination of so ocbusinesswebsites many in different religious Stories. Few have ventured to go beyond the graphic miracles of Yahweh and his pillars of fire not to mention the present avid interest in the parting of the waves. Altogether, fine tales and about which most people are not aware of the amount of research that has been spent on them …

If today were your last day on Earth, would heaven be waiting for you?

Dealing with questions like: If today were your last day on Earth, would heaven be waiting for you? How do you know if God exists? And just generally dealing with the topics of life, death, and family, are all in a days work for the High Deserts Victory Christian Center Pastor, Al Zorn. Founded in 1997, Pastor Al as he is often referred to, and his wife Ronda have been, Teaching the Word of God in a practical, applicable way at Victory Christian Center in Victorville, CA since they took…

The Word

If we desire to return Home to the perfect garden of love, inner house cleaning is vital. As humans we have all fallen prey to the ego lier~accuser. As we palmbeachlaw humble ourselves to a rigorous process of gentle inventory we receive willingness to embrace the Word~Love! Self emptying opens us up to the everything of Yahweh. Love saves souls, and Jesus was the perfect example of what we are in truth.

Being before doing

Is everything we do moved and breathed by love it Self? How do we know? Only by experience can we know the Christ love in our heart that desires nothing more then to express it Self through each of us. To be moved by Love it Self requires no thought for it is Yahweh that is actually doing the doing. Relax, be still, we must “be” before we do. Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing. Thrse de Lisieux Love with passion Dance in the light .